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How to create your 2015

First, I just want to extend you a very warm “Happy Holidays”!

Second, every year my friend Jim Bunch, Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life hosts  a LIVE “Year-in-Review” webinar and players rave about the impact it makes on their lives and how excited they are about the upcoming year after they attend this webinar.

While most people just roll from one year to the next, dragging their pasts into the future, setting next years goals with little hope of making a real change in their results…

The Ultimate Game believes that THIS IS A MAJOR MISTAKE…..

You see, most achievers don’t take the time to celebrate their wins. They just keep pushing themselves, forcing themselves to keep driving on using more and more energy….and of course… another year just grinds on by.

The Ultimate Game of Life believes, that instead of racing your way into next year, they suggest you should wrap up the year and put a nice little bow on it, then prepare for an amazing upcoming year.


This complimentary webinar is his way to help you catalog your wins, in his proprietary process so you charge into 2015 with confidence, clarity and a deep knowing that you can create an amazing life in 2015.

And the best part is, it’s totally free….

Register for the complimentary 45 minute webinar and download your packet so you can:

  1. Capture all your wins and successes from 2014 (both the obvious wins and hidden wins)

  2. Identify your success & failure patterns in your life and businesses

  3. Learn what to stop doing, start doing, and continue doing to move you forward

  4. Get closure on 2014 (You will identify what worked for you in 2014 and what didn’t)

  5. Set yourself up to win in 2015 (Prepare mentally and emotionally for your Ultimate Year)

They are running this webinar LIVE at 5pm PST Tuesday,  December 16th.

Space is limited because of the size of the webinar line so >>REGISTER HERE NOW (

Game On,

Michele Puccio

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